How to get the best lawn care service!

All lawn care companies are not the same. Lawn care programs offered by companies will vary not only in cost, but in the variety of standard and optional agronomic services offered to the homeowner. The homeowner will be most successful at choosing a company to supply the desired type of program if he/she first becomes familiar with: (1) the annual cost for a company’s standard program, (2) the services supplied as part of the standard program, and (3) the types of and costs for optional services provided by the company. Before contracting for lawn care services, it is best to contact and compare 2 to 3 (or more) reputable companies. The following series of questions and answers should serve as a guide for the homeowner during the process of selecting a lawn care company. Here is Lawn Care service in Moberly Missouri, Harlan Lawn Care Moberly MO
What types of services are included in the STANDARD program?

Fertilization is a standard part of any lawn care program. Most companies will offer preemergence (for crabgrass) and postemergence (for broadleaf weeds) weed control as part of their standard package, although these may be offered as options by some companies. Many lawn care programs will include control of surface-feeding insects (chinch bug, bluegrass billbug, sod webworm) as part of their standard program, but grub control is often offered at an additional cost. Some companies will offer no insect control at all, while others may provide it only as an extra-cost option. Disease control is generally not offered in a standard lawn care program, but is offered as an optional service by most lawn care companies.
How much fertilizer is applied during the year?

Nitrogen is the key nutrient in turf fertilization programs. Reputable lawn care companies will supply Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, or tall fescue lawns with 3 to 5 pounds of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet of lawn per year. Phosphorous (P) and potassium (potash, K) are sometimes supplied with the standard fertilizer program. The actual requirement for these latter two nutrients will vary from one lawn to the next and the need is best determined through soil testing. Routine applications of P and K will cause no harm, however, and are actually recommended where the homeowner consistently removes grass clippings during mowing.

What are the types of nitrogen fertilizers used?

Nitrogen fertilizers can vary in the types of growth and color responses that they elicit from the turf. For simplicity, nitrogen fertilizers can be categorized as supplying quickly-available or slowly-available nitrogen. Quickly-available nitrogen promotes rapid grass growth and dark green turf color relatively soon after application. The promotion of excessive growth through overuse of quickly-available N sources is undesirable from both the standpoint of increased mowing requirements and because grass hardiness and health may be reduced. Slowly-available N sources provide a slower, more uniform growth and greening response from the turf. Quickly-available nitrogen is acceptable for use during the fall and early spring months. Slowly-available nitrogen is excellent for use in the late-spring and summer months. It is important to note that slowly-available nitrogen can be supplied to turf with equal success in the liquid (sprayable) form, as well as the dry (granular) form.
What about late-season nitrogen fertilization?

University research has shown late-season nitrogen fertilization to be a very desirable option for Ohio and other midwestern states. This type of program, which emphasizes fertilization during the September-December period, is reported to enhance winter turf color, quicken spring green-up, reduce lawn disease problems, and improve grass hardiness during the summer months. Such a program reduces the amount of spring and summer nitrogen required to maintain a healthy, green lawn. When a large amount of nitrogen is applied during spring, the incidence of disease may be increased and tolerance to heat and drought can be reduced.
What about liquid (spray) versus dry (granular) lawn care services?

To date, university research has not found any major agronomic differences between liquid and dry fertilizers. The bottom line is that BOTH types of lawn care service can accomplish the same goal-the production of a high quality lawn.

What can a lawn care service guarantee?

Lawn quality will vary from year to year due to variations in weather. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a lawn care company to guarantee that no problems will occur if you contract their services-be suspicious of one that does! Reputable lawn care companies, however, will make every effort to satisfy their customers. Many companies will provide corrective applications as a free service if the customer is not satisfied. Some companies are staffed with sales/service representatives to handle service calls. They may visit the home lawn if a problem cannot be diagnosed/resolved over the telephone.
What about educational service to the homeowner?

Established lawn care companies have long recognized that the most successful lawn care program is dependent upon some cooperation from, and education of, the homeowner. The homeowner generally performs several cultural practices, such as mowing and watering, which have a substantial effect on lawn quality. Some companies will provide the homeowners with seasonal information on proper lawn care. They may also provide special information when they make an application with regard to special watering or mowing requirements for the next day or two following their visit to the lawn. visit
Can the company offer flexibility in servicing?

Some homeowners may wish to have fertilizer, but no herbicides or insecticides, applied to their lawns. Some like to apply fertilizer themselves, but would rather have a lawn care service apply the appropriate controls for weed, insect, or disease problems. Individual lawn service companies may be unable to offer such specialized types of program because of the way in which they purchase or mix their fertilizers and pest control products. Others may charge extra for such a specialized program because of the expense and time involved in providing a service which differs from their standard lawn care program.
Does cost equate with quality?

Lawn care companies offer agronomic expertise and a convenient, time-saving service at a most reasonable cost. In a competitive market, prices for similar lawn care programs may differ little from company to company. A company that appears more expensive that the other may offer some services as part of its “standard” program which are designated as optional (extra-cost) services (see Table 1) with the less expensive companies. Be wary of that company that claims to offer services similar to those of other companies at a much lower price and seems “too good to be true”-it probably is! Also avoid companies that do not furnish a contract detailing their services and your obligations as a customer. Harlan lawn care service also offers Moberly landscaping services.

A list of desirable services offered as options by many lawn service companies:

grub control
disease control
spot re-seeding/re-sodding
total lawn renovation
soil testing
lime application

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Places that have Tanning In Missouri.

1. The Introductory Tanning Special Local tanning salons with commercial tanning beds such as Desert Sun offer specials and coupons in mailers and grocery store receipts. Take a look at what is offered. Many times there are Local tanning deals such as 30 days for $9.99 or two weeks free on conventional beds, free eye wear protection or even free designer skin tanning lotion. Use these free tanning or low cost tanning introductory offers to get a feel for the tanning salons in your area. Once your comfortable with a salon, work the tanning salon employee for a special deal on more tans and designer skin tanning lotion.

2. The Unadvertised Tanning Deals. Unless it is the too good to be true introductory tanning special, never take an advertised local tanning special. The tanning salon employee behind the counter can always offer you better deals to use their commercial tanning beds. The tanning salon can get you just about any reasonable deal you can come up with and add the designer skin tanning lotion for free on top of it. Their stock of designer skin tanning lotion are like bargaining chips; so use them.

3. The Indoor Tanning columbia. The creams and lotions sold in tanning salons contains safe chemicals that speed up your skin’s readiness to tan. Indoor tanning lotions make your money go farther because they shorten the time it takes for your skin to start tanning.

4. Prepare Your Skin. Before indoor tanning, your skin should be clean and free of dead skin buildup. You want your skin to get the best tan possible, so using a mild soap or body wash and a quality exfoliator is essential. Using a body poof, scrub skin on arms and legs and the rest of the body in circular motions. This action will help remove dead skin that will increase the effectiveness of tanning.

5. Use A Light Moisturizer on the skin after you shower to keep skin moisture level high, this also helps keep skin pores clear. Unscented lotions such as Lubriderm are great.


6. Applying designer skin tanning lotion using circular strokes across your legs and arms at the least. Circular motions of the designer skin tanning lotion will greatly increase your chances of a more evenly spread tan and reduces the odds of finding patchy spots. Do not buy basic SPF outdoor tanning lotion. Only purchase designer skin tanning lotion. The grocery store stuff ruins the beds and does not allow for the best tanning.

7. Tanning Nude, Or Not? Whether you choose tanning nude or not is your choice. The tanning studios generally have locks on them, and the norm is to tan nude. It is a personal preference and one that you must make on your own. If you are using a bronzer tanning lotion, be careful because some may stain clothing.

8. How Long In Tanning Bed? If you are a beginner, talk with the tanning salon employee. They can help you pick a good starting number for tanning. In a conventional setting, there is nothing wrong with only going seven minutes to start. Spending to long in the tanning bed too soon can result in harsh painful burns. Start low and slowly increase to 20 minutes in a conventional tanning bed. If you start to feel any prickling or stinging on your skin, you have over exposure. Stop tanning as soon as you feel this.

9. Don’t Shower Right After Tanning. Your skin is still tanning hours after your tanning bed session ends. Allow your tan to set in and wait at least three hours. When you do shower, always use a moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated.
10. Long Term Tanning Risks. Indoor tanning is just as harmful to your skin as outdoor tanning. You must make your best judgement when deciding how long to continue tanning. Long term tanning risks include: ugly sun spots to skin cancer.

Used shipping containers are a good choice.

Shipping Containers are a Good choice!

used cargo container

used cargo container

If you are in the business of regularly shipping products, or indeed, your company regularly stores a large volume of goods, then you should certainly consider investing in shipping containers. Shipping Containers of this kind make for a great investment because, not only are they able to ship and store large volumes with ease, but they are built to last a long time and they are affordable.

A lot of companies who use shipping containers tend to rent their 20 or 40 foot cargo container by the month, or perhaps on a longer term contract, but unless they are planning to use the container for only a short amount of time, it would be more prudent of them to buy it outright.

The cost of buying even a 20 foot cargo container may seem expensive, but it is certainly a good investment, especially if it is to get a lot of use.


The main reason why it pays to buy a used shipping container for sale  is that they are very valuable on the resale market, so if you are going to use them on a regular basis, you may as well pay out to buy one because you will be able to recoup some of your costs by selling the container for reuse later. If you simply hire a container then you will not be able to recoup the money. You may even be able to find a second purpose for your cargo container yourself at some point.


Of course, if you are only going to need a shipping container for a week, a month or even a few months, it may well work out better to simply hire a container. This is a judgement you must make depending on your circumstances, but buying should not be immediately ruled out.

College Football Predicting

College Football Point Predictions

The Clemson Tigers won the Atlantic Division last season with a 9-5 record overall and a 6-2 mark in ACC play. Dabo Swinney has this team headed in the right direction, but it will be tough for him to get the Tigers back to the top of the Atlantic considering many key players are gone, including the electrifying C.J. Spiller at running back. He was the heart and soul of this offense and a huge factor on special teams.

Check out my team preview of the offense and defense Clemson has to offer below, as well as my predictions on the Tigers in terms of the ACC.


QB Kyle Parker has decided to return to the football team this season and put off pursuing his professional baseball career for the time being. He threw 20 touchdown passes last year for Clemson and is a huge part of the offense. He’ll be playing behind an experience offensive line that returns the top six players on the depth chart from last season. This  group is combined for 88 starts in their careers are are leading the collge basketball predictions for the year

To take some of the pressure off of Parker, somebody must emerge in the backfield. Clemson put up 170.4 rushing yards per game last year and that will be hard to match with Spiller gone according to ESPN. Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper figure to combine to fill Spiller’s shoes in the backfield. Even more pressing is the lack of experienced playmakers at wide receiver. Clemson’s leading returnee at WR is Xavier Dye, who had just 14 receptions last year.


The defense is the backbone of this team this season.

Clemson welcomes back seven starters on this unit, led by defensive tackles Jarvis Jenkins and Brandon Thomas. Each has an NFL future and will wreak havoc in opposing backfields this season. The defensive end positions are in good hands with Da’Quan Bowers leading the way along with Andre Branch, Kortnei Brown and Malliciah Goodman who all got playing time last year. Getting the most accurate and best College basketball Predictions, is easy when you go to the right websites.

The secondary will have to replace a combined 84 starts from cornerbacks Chris Chancellor and Crezdon Butler, but seniors Byron Maxwell and Marcus Gilchrist welcome the challenge. The secondary could be a strength considering Rashard Hall and DeAndre McDaniel return at safety. McDaniel is a preseason All-American candidate. Junior Brandon Maye is the only returning starter at linebacker, so this is the biggest area of concern defensively.

ACC Prediction: 2nd Atlantic Division – Considering this side of the ACC is down, the Clemson Tigers have a decent shot to repeat as Atlantic champs. But I think Florida State is the most complete team on this side and will prevail in the end. Still, the Tigers have perhaps the best defense this side of the conference has to offer and it will keep Clemson in games this year. The problem is that the Tigers lack playmakers offensively, with very little experience in the backfield and at wide receiver. So even though Parker is back, he won’t have any proven weapons. A second-place finish in this division is the likely scenario.  If this info was the best for you dont forget about Predictions March Maddness at sportsformualtor.